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About Green Week

This year at Carsi we decided to do something different and raise awareness among our public and our customers about a theme that, for us, is so important: conscious consumption, meeting our brand’s values.

Thus, Green Week emerges, as a movement of awareness, where for one week themes related to conscious consumption, ethics and sustainability will be addressed in our social networks.

Because we think it is very important to take care of yourself and, at the same time, make thoughtful choices and buy out of necessity and not just due to the impulse generated by the price.

1 Purchase = 1 tree

It is very important for us to take care of the people involved in the process of making each piece, as well as taking care of our planet. At Carsi use the leftovers to make our scrunchies and bags and, in this week dedicated to conscious consumption, we decided to go further.

For each purchase made during the Green Week week on our website, we will donate € 3.5 to the environmental institution “Plantar uma Árvore“.

€ 3.5 is the cost to plant 1 tree and take care of it for 5 years.

Together we make a difference!

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